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5 Reasons you need an Integrated Digital Menu Board

Traditionally, menu boards have always been “pre-programmed” which means that even for some minor change in prices or for adding or removing certain items from the menu board, you end up calling the vendor who has to then manually make the necessary changes. A modern Integrated Menu Board is constantly in sync with your POS or Content Management System. This means that any change you make to the menu or prices get instantly updated on the menu board as well.

Below are the key benefits of using an Integrated Menu Board

Update prices and graphics anytime from any device

You are in total control of what goes on your Integrated Digital Menu Board. You can add, remove, and edit information displayed on your menu board, anytime from your POS, PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Time-Based Menus

You can schedule the menu board to display the appropriate menu as per time of the day. Guests will see the menu that is available at that time.

Marketing/Promotional Tool

Run videos and animations about your new offerings, discounts and other offers.

High Definition Display

Attract customers with rugged high definition display.

Interactive Menu Board

You can even go in for interactive menu boards with touch screens that your customers can browse for more information.

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