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Kiosks are addressing the needs of the hospitality and f&b industry

Titbit Kiosks offer solutions for almost every problem the hospitality and f&B industry faces today. Whether it is the need to increase check averages or reduce wait lines; serve more customers or prevent loss of sales; improve order accuracy & efficiency or reduce wastage; kiosks are the answer to all these and many more issues.

Self-Ordering Kiosk Self-Ordering Kiosk empowers customers to choose their food, customize/modify it and even pre-order for later. The kiosks also offers customers various payment options like EMV chip & pin, banknotes, coins, vouchers, loyalty cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc. Upselling, cross selling & tipping is built into the ordering workflow to maximize revenue for the restaurant. Titbit Self-Ordering kiosks integrate with all PoS systems.

Self-Ordering kiosks are typically seen at QSRs, Casual Dine Restaurants, Theme Parks, Stadiums & Arenas, Airports, Cafes.

Self-Checkout Kiosk Self-Checkout Kiosk empowers customers to process their own orders in 3 easy steps, Scan-Bag-Pay, without the need for a cashier. To process their order, customers scan the barcode on each item at the kiosk and manually bag the item. Once all items are scanned, the kiosk shows the total amount due. The customer can review their order and total amount, then proceed to pay using their credit card. It also comes with a weighing scale, barcode scanner, card reader and receipt printer. Titbit Self-Checkout kiosk integrates with all PoS systems.

Self-Checkout kiosks are typically seen at Airports, Retail Stores.

Ticketing Kiosk

Ticketing Kiosk allows a visitor to purchase tickets instantly. These kiosks can be placed at strategic locations to ensure maximum sale of tickets. The kiosks are equipped with ticket printers, card readers and receipt printers. Titbit Ticketing kiosks integrate with all ticketing software systems. The kiosks also enable promotion & sale of tickets of upcoming events, shows, games, etc.

Ticketing Kiosks are typically seen at Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Stadiums & Arenas.

Wayfinding Kiosk Wayfinding Kiosk displays the entire property in 3D model enabling visitors to get directions to their destination. It shows the shortest/fastest route with estimated time it will take to reach. The Plan Your Day (PYD) feature enables visitors to plan the day’s activity, create their itinerary and take a print or email it to themselves. PYD suggests things to do/see based on how much time visitors have thus optimizing their time at the park

Wayfinding kiosks are typically seen at Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Airports, Shopping Malls.

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