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Titbit Inc.’s kiosk are helping restaurateurs overcome the language barrier to food ordering

Restaurants, especially those located at international tourist destinations, are losing a golden opportunity to create memorable and unique customer experiences due to language barriers. By offering their menu in multiple languages restaurants can provide customers an unforgettable experience, create word of mouth goodwill and even help increase overall revenue.

Research conducted by Harvard Business Review (HBR) and Common Sense Advisory group has following interesting findings:

 90% consumers when given a choice of languages are more likely to buy in their own language.  42% never purchase products and services in other languages.  72.1% consumers spend most or all of their time on websites in their own language.  56.2% consumers feel the ability to obtain information in their native language is more important than even price.

Till now it’s been a complex affair to have menu’s printed in several languages. But restauranteurs no longer have to worry about keeping track of menus in several languages, replenishing them, huge cost of reprints, etc. All Titbit Inc.’s solutions are designed to support over 50 popular languages spoken by majority of people including English, Mandarin, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Hindi, Hebrew, German and more. Titbit’s solutions include Self-Serve Kiosks, Table Top Ordering, Scan & Go, Digital Menu Boards, Cash Register, Titbit Wayfinding & Ticketing, etc.

Customers can view the menu in any language by selecting from the list of languages and proceed to build their order, customize their selection and place their order. Customers can choose to pay through various options like cash, card, vouchers and more.

To know more mail us on sales@titbit.com

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