Case Studies

XPR helps clients address their most pertinent challenges

  • Orbit Cafe Increase Check Averages by 20% and Improve Efficiency at Reduced Cost

    Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Florida

    Parks are an ideal place for families to visit, bond and have a great time. Kennedy Space Center is an international tourist attraction and draws more than 1.5 million visitors annually from all over the world.

  • Sports Stadium improves fan experience and streamlines operations

    Sports Stadium

    Fans are the life of any live sporting event that adds a unique energy to the game. It, thus, substantiates the paramount need of providing first rate fan experience. A client - having the capacity to host more than 40,000 spectators at the managed stadium - understood that fan experience comes not just from viewing the event but her interaction with the end-to-end services offered at the location. The client focussed on the need of streamlining the food ordering experience from the concession stand

  • Self ordering platform helped enhance ecosystem for all stakeholders at Barbados airport

    Island Grill, Barbados International Airport

    A study conducted over 2 months on the ordering pattern of customers compared to scheduled flights drew the crest and trough of peak hours and allowed Island Grill in getting ready with the top selling items in advance. While kiosks helped in eliminating queue, the data analysis infused better kitchen and labour management across the flight pattern on different days of the week.

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