Self Ordering Solutions for Enterprise Foodservice Companies

XPR kiosk and mobile ordering have helped foodservice companies increase check averages by over 20% and improve speed of service

Key Benefits

Grow Check Averages

Our clients are seeing their check averages increase by over 20% after deploying Self Service Kiosks

Reduce Costs

You need less order-taking staff. You may re-deploy more people in kitchen to process more orders

Plug & Play

XPR's Kiosk & Mobile Ordering work with your POS and your Payment Processor so you can retain your existing setup

Approved by Major Foodservice Companies

XPR's Self Ordering Solutions are approved by major foodservice companies such as Delaware North, Aramark and Compass

Yosemite National Park, California

The Multi-language menu at Basecamp and Degnan's Deli helps tourists easily place their orders

1871 Grille,Truist Park

XPR's kiosks increased check averages and speed of service at 1871 Grille

Burger King, Cyprus Airport

Multi lingual menu at Cyprus airpot helps customers place orders easily

T Rowe Price Cafeteria, Maryland

XPR's Kiosks at T Rowe Price cafeteria help elimiate queues at meal time

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