Presenting Olea Kiosks powered by XPR

Get Olea Kiosks and grow check averages at your restaurant with smart upselling, reduce costs and process more orders - all this while retaining your existing POS and Payment Processor

Key Benefits

Grow Check Averages

Our clients are seeing their check averages increase by over 20% after deploying Self Service Kiosks

Reduce Costs

You need less order-taking staff. You may re-deploy more people kitchen to process more orders

Plug & Play

XPR's Kiosks work with your POS and your Payment Processor so you can retain your existing setup

Olea Kiosks Hardware

Here are some key features that make Olea Kiosks a compelling choice for any business looking to deploy self ordering technology

ADA Compliance

OLEA Kiosks comply with ADA. ADA is a law and Kiosks which do not comply with ADA standards, may be fined.

Temperature Control System

Lower power consumption with advanced cooling design in turn providing enhanced functionality.

Enhanced Security

Olea Kiosks feature outdoor-rated compression security locks providing you better security to your systems.

Payment Bracket

The modular payment bracket supports multiple devices and payment methods giving range of flexibility to the users.

Remote Monitoring

Olea provides a kiosk monitoring software that will allow you to log in remotely to your kiosk for repairs and updates, or let your kiosk notify you of any issues such as low printer paper, paper full, or full bill receiver are just a few examples.

Stereo Sound

Olea features marine-grade stereo speakers in its kiosks for immersive and user-friendly experience.

Quick and Easy Service

Consider this kiosk in the same way you would consider a computer. The internal parts of the kiosk are easily accessible and secured by a camlock for quick and easy serviceability.


Beautiful Presentation

People eat with their eyes. Present your food & beverage menu in a variety of beautiful layouts. Use your brand colors. Add animations of items you want to highlight. Our layouts are totally customizable


Superior, Speedy & Safe Customer Experience

Our rich set of features help delight the customer, reduce ordering time, increase accuracy and provide safe & secure checkout experience at your restaurant

Intelligent Upsell

Create custom upsell rules or leave it to our AI to make suggestions

PCI Level 1 Certified

Accept payments securely with Credit/Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and many more

Works Offline

Continue to process orders and payments even during internet outages

Time Based Menu

Menus automatically change for breakfast, lunch, dinner or for special days

Multi-language Support

Let customers order in their own language. We support all major languages


Customers are automatically notified via text or email when their order is ready

Hardware Options

Wide Variety of options - Vertical, Horizontal, Floor Standing, Counter Top or Wall Mount

Blazing Fast

Customers can order with just a few taps. Process more orders in less time

Accept Cash Payments

Our Cash Accepting Kiosks can accept banknotes and coins and dispense change

Trusted by both large and small restaurants

XPR's Self Service Kiosks are used for food & beverage ordering by major QSR Chains, Stadiums & Arenas, Parks & Resorts, Airports & Restaurant Chains as well as small businesses

Burger King, Athens Airport

Burger King uses XPR's Kiosks at Athens, Cyprus & Baharain Airports - integrated with Oracle Micros

Basecamp, Yosemite National Park

The Multi-language menu at Basecamp and Degnans Deli helps tourists easily place their orders

Turning Stone Casino

XPR's Kiosks at Turning Stone cafeteria help elimiate queues at meal time

Asian Grill, Noblesville

XPRs wall mounted kiosks help Asian Grill, an independent restaurant, conserve space and grow revenue

Works with 15+ POS Systems

Oracle Micros
Brink POS
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