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PopPay Integrated Into XPR-Samsung Self Service Kiosks For QSR Restaurants

PopPay Facial Verification XPR Kiosk PopID, a biometric fintech company and XPR, a global kiosk software platform, announced today a fully integrated solution on the new Samsung Kiosk Windows 10 IoT Enterprise edition using face verification to check in and check out. These products, which are also in commercial production in quick service restaurants, are on display at the NRF Show in New York at Booth #3657.

The face verification platform for ordering and payment, called PopPay, has been demonstrated to have various benefits for operators and consumers over the last few years. Specifically, the benefits of PopPay Check In for quick service restaurants are:

  • Increased speed. When consumers use face verification to check in at the beginning of the ordering process, they immediately see their favorite orders and can quickly click to repeat the order instead of having to spend time recreating the entire order from scratch. The result is that the average time to order for regular customers moves from minutes to seconds.

  • Increased ticket size. When consumers repeat their favorite orders, there is an opportunity to upsell them based on their ordering history. Statistically significant data shows that consumers using PopPay Check In spend about 4.5% more than consumers anonymously ordering.

  • Increased loyalty engagement. Loyalty engagement on self ordering kiosks is limited by the complexity of consumers needing to open up an app on their phone and scan a QR code or type in a phone number on the kiosk in a public environment. PopPay has been shown to substantially increase loyalty enrollment and usage on self ordering kiosks in quick service restaurants.

“Consumer expectations are ever-evolving, especially in the food service industry, which is prompting quick-service restaurants to dramatically transform the way they meet these growing demands,” said Chris Mertens, Vice President of U.S. Sales, Displays, Samsung. “Delivering quality meals is no longer enough – restaurants must now entice and delight customers through seamless and secure transactions. Through our strategic partnerships with PopID and XPR, our customers can achieve this goal by embracing the new Windows kiosks that captivate consumers through every point of contact.”

The benefits of PopPay Check Out on the new Windows kiosk for quick service restaurants are:

  • Decreased payment processing fees. PopPay has developed new forms of money transfer and settlement that can substantially reduce payment processing fees for operators.

  • Reduced fraud. PopPay has been working with global financial institutions to demonstrate that, when a picture is used to verify a payment transaction, there is less risk of fraud.

“Samsung and XPR have delivered a high quality, low cost self ordering kiosk to the fast food market,” said John Miller, CEO of PopID and Chairman of retail tech investment company, Cali Group. “Now their customers can increase revenue, lower costs, and improve the guest experience by adding PopPay software to their hardware systems.”

“We are excited to deliver this new solution to our global customer base. Facial verification for payment and reorder from history will speed up the ordering process” said Nikhil Lagoo, Vice President Global Sales of XPR. “XPR can ‘turn on’ this enhanced functionality with a simple software update, and operators can easily leverage the benefits of personalized communications with their customers on self ordering kiosks.”

About PopID

PopID provides a comprehensive platform, PopPay, for revolutionizing digital interactions and payments using facial verification. PopPay gives consumers the option of identifying themselves in the most natural way possible – with their face – for ordering and payment – enabling more personalized, secure, and streamlined experiences. To learn more about PopPay, visit www.popid.com.

About XPR

XPR is a leading hospitality technology solution provider that offers Plug & Play, Cloud-based and AI-backed Self Ordering Solutions, including Self Ordering Kiosks, Virtual Kiosks for Contactless Ordering and Mobile Apps. XPR’s solution helps every restaurant set a new standard of guest experience while simultaneously boosting revenue. With a customer base across restaurant types, locations, and countries, XPR’s success is driven by the agility and commitment to innovate and develop customer focused solutions. Visit www.xprpos.com for more information.

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