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Asian Grill Opens New Location with XPR POS

Asian Grill Asian Grill, opened by a pair of doctors who wanted to bring the flavors of their native Cambodia and India to Noblesville, has recently implemented XPR's self ordering kiosks and mobile application to help automate the ordering process. Along with the new equipment throughout the kitchen to help relay orders to the staff, these changes have helped to improve operational efficiency, check averages, and the overall customer experience.

XPR’s kiosks have a simple, yet appealing interface to increase guest satisfaction. Upon entering the restaurant, customers can easily skip the line and use either of the 2 large self ordering kiosks. On kiosk customer can build and submit their orders. If they are paying with credit card the customer can pay using the readers attached to the kiosk. If they wish to pay by cash a receipt is printed with a barcode that can then be taken to the cashier station to complete payment. Customers can also place order at the register if they wish to do so. There are 2 large menu boards above the register with high resolution images to help sell the menu items.

Asian Grill has its mobile app available on App Store and PLaystore which allows customers to order from their mobile devices, securely pay by credit card and have their order ready for pickup when they arrive at the restaurant.