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Barbados Airport Implements XPR's Self Ordering Kiosks

We at XPR POS+ proudly announce our new implementation with Island Grill, an F&B initiative of Goddard Enterprises Ltd. The implementation has been completed and initiated at the Island Grill’s outlet of Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) of Barbados to enhance the customer service, delivery and experience.

The GAIA received 2.19 million of passenger traffic last year amongst which 51% of influx happened during the tourist crowded months of November to March. Island Grill understood the pattern of tourist influx & rush hours and worked with XPR POS+ towards improving the ordering experience and enhancing the back-store operations.

The overall XPR POS+ restaurant setup includes 2 Self Ordering Kiosks, 2 Tabletop tablets, 2 POS systems, 2 Kitchen Display Systems and Order Display System. The whole ordering ecosystem has been boosted by the payment processing of Shift4 Payment solutions.

The airport passengers and customers now need not wait in the long queues for ordering & payment and can easily use XPR kiosks, tablets, POS with customer-friendly UI to select the food items and complete the order through the systems itself. The end-to-end implementation also ensures that the ordered items appear instantly on the KDS systems in Kitchen for the back of the counter staff to streamline the order preparation. As soon as the order is prepared and bumped on KDS, the Order Display Screen on the counter updates the status of the order from “Order Preparing” to “Ready to Pick-up.” The customer can now receive the order from the Pick-up counter and cherish the tasty food items.

Our implementation with Island Grill also means our foray into the F&B service industry of the Caribbean Islands. We look forward to understanding the needs of F&B operators in the Islands and around the world in providing the best of solutions for their business.

Island Grill Kiosks