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Food Ordering Kiosk that can accept Cash Payments

XPR's Cash and Card Food Ordering Kiosk is the only food kiosk solution in the market that can accept and dispense banknotes and coins along with card payments.

Here are some of the key features of the Kiosk:

Pay With Cash, Coins or Card - Customers can pay at the kiosk using banknotes and coins and automatically get the change dispensed. It can also process card payments securely. With this customers do not have to queue up at the cashier station for payments.

Major Currencies; Denominations Accepted - The kiosk accepts all international currencies such as $ £ € ¥ and many more. It also accepts a wide range of denominations in banknotes and coins e.g. $ 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100. ₵ – 1, 5, 10, 25..

Security, Auditing and Reconciliation - The cash gets collected in a safe box inside the kiosk that can only be accessed using a secure number combination. The kiosk does automatic auditing and reconciliation of cash and you can get a detailed report of all cash transactions done at the kiosk.

Remote Management - Your finance team can remotely monitor the cash levels in the machine and set up alerts so they are notified when the cash needs to be refilled or removed. Your IT team can monitor the status of the kiosk and get notified errors like printer out of paper etc.

Other Key Features

  1. Fully customizable to match your brand and theme.
  2. Supports all languages e.g. French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin etc.
  3. Time based menu configuration.
  4. Seamless POS integration with Micros, Brink POS, POSitouch, Agilysys, Vivonet and many more.

This, along with the proven 20% + increase in check averages due to upselling, makes XPR's Kiosk an ideal solution for any F&B business.