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XPR & Brink POS Integration

Partech Inc. (ParTech), a leading global provider of point of sale (POS) software and integrated technical solutions to the restaurant and retail industries, has added XPR to its Brink POS integration ecosystem as a partner specializing in self-serve kiosks, contactless food ordering, KDS, and content management services. ParTech, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation.

XPR delivers innovative solutions to the hospitality industry, including fast casuals, table service, and quick service restaurant locations, through cloud-based and artificial intelligence supported methods. The company’s integration with Brink POS will enable PAR’s customers to add XPR’s Contactless Ordering and Self-Ordering Kiosks to their operations while still maintaining existing backend infrastructure. Using its multi-touchpoint ecosystem, XPR’s solutions provide guests with a fast, interactive, and engaging ordering experience while cutting labor costs.

A recent business impact study of XPR’s kiosks at a theme-park based QSR location revealed that average order sizes increased by 23%, while average order values increased by about 18%. XPR attributes the increased totals to its unique setup and features, including intelligent upselling, one-tap order, and multilingual menus, among others. Customers saw reduced wait times and higher quality experiences while the kitchen became more efficient.

Nikhil Lagoo, Vice President of Global Sales for XPR, commented, “Integrating with PAR combines the capabilities of two advanced technologies to better serve the industry and expand the self-ordering ecosystem. At XPR we understand restaurant owners are looking for long-term innovative solutions and safe environments for their end users, and we believe XPR’s multi-touch ecosystem fulfills those requirements. The Brink POS integration is ready to further extend our cause of building a better ordering environment and increasing revenue opportunities for customers.

Stephen Lee, PAR’s Director of Strategic Partnerships stated, “Adding XPR to the company’s growing integration partner ecosystem opens up new possibilities for Brink POS customers hoping to take advantage of innovative ordering methods. With XPR, we’re now offering our customers a chance to explore new ways of bolstering their bottom lines. This has been a difficult year for the restaurant industry, so anytime our customers have a chance to improve operational efficiency and cut down on labor costs while still providing guests with a special one-of-a-kind experience, we want to make it happen.

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