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Announcement: XPR & Brink POS Integration

 Partech Inc. (ParTech), a leading global provider of point of sale (POS) software and integrated technical solutions to the restaurant and retail industries, has added XPR to its Brink POS integration ecosystem as a partner specializing in self-serve kiosks, contactless food ordering, KDS, and content management services.  ParTech, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation.

XPR delivers innovative solutions to the hospitality industry, including fast casuals, table service, and quick service restaurant locations, through cloud-based and artificial intelligence supported methods. The company’s integration with Brink POS will enable PAR’s customers to add XPR’s Contactless Ordering and Self-Ordering Kiosks to their operations while still maintaining existing backend infrastructure. Using its multi-touchpoint ecosystem, XPR’s solutions provide guests with a fast, interactive, and engaging ordering experience while cutting labor costs.

A recent business impact study of XPR’s kiosks at a theme-park based QSR location revealed that average order sizes increased by 23%, while average order values increased by about 18%. XPR attributes the increased totals to its unique setup and features, including intelligent upselling, one-tap order, and multilingual menus, among others. Customers saw reduced wait times and higher quality experiences while the kitchen became more efficient.

Nikhil Lagoo, Vice President of Global Sales for XPR, commented, “Integrating with PAR combines the capabilities of two advanced technologies to better serve the industry and expand the self-ordering ecosystem.  At XPR we understand restaurant owners are looking for long-term innovative solutions and safe environments for their end users, and we believe XPR’s multi-touch ecosystem fulfills those requirements. The Brink POS integration is ready to further extend our cause of building a better ordering environment and increasing revenue opportunities for customers.”

Stephen Lee, PAR’s Director of Strategic Partnerships stated, “Adding XPR to the company’s growing integration partner ecosystem opens up new possibilities for Brink POS customers hoping to take advantage of innovative ordering methods. With XPR, we’re now offering our customers a chance to explore new ways of bolstering their bottom lines. This has been a difficult year for the restaurant industry, so anytime our customers have a chance to improve operational efficiency and cut down on labor costs while still providing guests with a special one-of-a-kind experience, we want to make it happen.”

August- Pioneers of Self Ordering Kiosk, XPR POS+,  Expands Solution Base to Europe

XPR POS+, a pioneer of its industry, is a one-stop technology solution provider for all different types of food and beverage operations. XPR’s products can be found in QSRs, fast casuals, national parks, stadiums, and more. From self ordering kiosks, Chatbot, and tablet menus to kitchen display systems, digital signage, and POS, XPR’s cloud based platform provides a rich and engaging ordering experience for guests, resulting in bigger check totals and higher sales volume.


XPR’s latest expansion has been into Europe markets with payment gateway integrations with JCC, Freedompay and Cardlink. Those end to end payment solution companies are leaders in the industry and give F&B outlets peace of mind knowing that all card transactions are secure. XPR first established itself in Europe with Burger King locations in two cities: Athens and Cyprus. Each location is equipped with six 32” Self Ordering Kiosks and order display boards, both powered by XPR solutions. The kiosks increase upselling opportunities with pop up menus and enticing graphics while also cutting the line down tremendously. This is a win-win for both the business and the customer.


XPR is excited to break into a new market and can’t wait to establish a bigger presence in Europe with hopes of helping F&B outlets grow their business by enhancing their guest experience and increasing sales. XPR is also looking forward to integrating with more payment gateway companies. 

May- Burger King in Cyprus 

The Hermes Airport in Cyprus has major plans to upgrade its shops and food outlets this year. In March 2019 they announced an 18 month plan to do so. Just one month later, they have already completed the first stage of the project which included updating two food outlets, one of those being a Burger King.


This Burger King, being one of only four in the entire country, was relocated to another section of the airport and tasked XPR to help modernize the QSR. One of the major upgrades for the QSR included 6 Self Ordering Kiosk Application powered by XPR and integrated with Oracle Micros. The new equipment has advantages to the customer as well as the QSR. For example, they help cut down the line tremendously on those extremely crowded days at the airport allowing Burger King to service more customers in a more timely manner. Another XPR addition to this QSR is an order display board that shows the order number when it is being processed and when it is ready. At this location, the kiosks have a multilingual menu and offer two language options to customers: English and Greek. XPR offers menus in about 50 different languages which makes their software more appealing to places where people from different backgrounds travel through.

Nov – Wichcraft 1407 Broadway, NYC

Wichcraft Tom Colicchio & Co is a chef inspired concept serving the freshest sandwiches, salads, and breakfast.  Wichcraft and XPR POS implemented two countertop kiosks at Wichcraft’s Garment District location on 39th & Broadway. The kiosks will not only speed up the ordering process but will also help increase check average and operational efficiency.

The customer simply skips the line to use the self-serving solutions when desired, which is especially helpful at peak hours. Wichcraft have added beautiful pictures of the menu for the guests scroll through with modifiers that allow customization such as a different bread type or to hold something it normally comes with. The guests are able to complete payment without a cashier and then either adds table numbers onto orders for table service or picks up their meal at the counter when their name is called.

April- Mobile POS, Atlanta SunTrust Park

Atlanta’s SunTrust Park implemented handheld POS solution for staff to help increase efficiencies and improve fan experience. These handheld tablets allow staff to build and submit orders while interacting with customers in the seating areas and allow guests to pay by gift cards, loaded tickets, mobile tickets or using conventional payment methods such as cash and credit card. Since implementing, the Infiniti Club is setting new sale records.

September – Countertop Kiosk Implementation at Rocket Garden Cafe, KSC

Kennedy Space Center extended self ordering kiosk functionality to Rocket Garden Cafe. It implemented 2 counter top units that allow the guest to place their orders and pay for the orders using multiple tenders such as Cash, Card, Apple Pay, Samsung pay etc. On submission the guest gets a ticket number to mount on the order stand and the server delivers the order at table.

December- Island Grill, Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados

We at XPR POS+ proudly announce our new implementation with Island Grill, an F&B initiative of Goddard Enterprises Ltd. The implementation has been completed and initiated at the Island Grill’s outlet of Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) of Barbados to enhance the customer service, delivery and experience.


The GAIA received 2.19 million of passenger traffic last year amongst which 51% of influx happened during the tourist crowded months of November to March. Island Grill understood the pattern of tourist influx & rush hours and worked with XPR POS+ towards improving the ordering experience and enhancing the back-store operations.


The overall XPR POS+ restaurant setup includes 2 Self Ordering Kiosks, 2 Tabletop tablets, 2 POS systems, 2 Kitchen Display Systems and Order Display System. The whole ordering ecosystem has been boosted by the payment processing of Shift4 Payment solutions. 


The airport passengers and customers now need not wait in the long queues for ordering & payment and can easily use XPR kiosks, tablets, POS with customer-friendly UI to select the food items and complete the order through the systems itself. The end-to-end implementation also ensures that the ordered items appear instantly on the KDS systems in Kitchen for the back of the counter staff to streamline the order preparation. As soon as the order is prepared and bumped on KDS, the Order Display Screen on the counter updates the status of the order from “Order Preparing” to “Ready to Pick-up.” The customer can now receive the order from the Pick-up counter and cherish the tasty food items.


Our implementation with Island Grill also means our foray into the F&B service industry of the Caribbean Islands. We look forward to understanding the needs of F&B operators in the Islands and around the world in providing the best of solutions for their business.

July- T. Rowe Price

T. Rowe Price has implemented the XPR POS Solution in their corporate cafeteria that is managed by Culinart Inc. The Cafeteria is now equipped with Self Service Kiosks and POS Terminals. 


 Employees walk up to the self service kiosks and build their order from the available menu selection displayed on the kiosk touchscreen. The employees can also add pre-packaged items to the cart by simply scanning them. The employees can pay by card at the kiosk and submit their order.  The orders are then sent to the respective prep stations and employees can pick them up once the order is complete. The kiosks also have a time based menu feature which automatically changes the menu from breakfast to lunch. 


Employees that choose items that are charged by weight (eg. Salads or Soups) can process their orders at POS station upon placing their item on an integrated scale. The employee can pay at a POS station with Cash or Card. XPR’s POS system is designed for handling a high volume of orders which makes it perfect for this busy cafeteria.

May- Asian Grill 

Asian Grill, known for its authentic regional cuisines, has recently implemented XPR's self ordering kiosks and mobile application to help automate the ordering process. Along with the new equipment throughout the kitchen to help relay orders to the staff, these changes have helped to improve operational efficiency, check averages, and the overall customer experience.


XPR’s kiosks have a simple, yet appealing interface to increase guest satisfaction. Upon entering the restaurant, customers can easily skip the line and use either of the 2 large self ordering solutions. There the customer can build and submit their orders. If they are paying with credit card the customer can pay using the readers attached to the kiosk. If they wish to pay by cash a receipt is printed with a barcode that can then be taken to the cashier station to complete payment. Customers can also place order at the register if they wish to do so. There are 2 large menu boards above the register with high resolution images to help sell the menu items.


Asian Grill is also using a XPR's mobile app which allows customers to order from their mobile devices, securely pay by credit card, and have their order ready for pickup when they arrive at the restaurant.

Aug – Atlanta Braves Kiosks, SunTrust Park

Atlanta Braves implemented 6 self-ordering kiosks at one of their busiest concessions stand.  These kiosks accept all methods of payments currently accepted at the stadium including credit cards, gift cards, loaded tickets, mobile tickets, and cash orders can be completed by printing a order ticket at the kiosk and finalizing the transaction at the cashier. The Braves also offer discount pricing for their “A-List” members. To apply this pricing on the kiosks an A-List ticket holder simply scans their ticket. The kiosks have resulted in increase in check averages by over 25% and have helped improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait times.     

March- Yosemite Base camp

As part of the Basecamp Dining area renovation, six self-ordering custom branded kiosks were installed to help reduce wait time and improve order accuracy in turn increasing revenue and the total number of orders that can be processed on a daily basis. Once an order is complete and ready for pickup the order number is shown on a display board to indicate that the order is ready for the customer.

July – Texas Rangers, Globe Life Park Arlington

The self-ordering kiosks at Globe Life Park enable guests to place their order, customize and pay for their meals seamlessly without having to wait in long queues. Along with English the kiosks also offer the menu in Spanish. On all 3 concession stands the guests walks upto the kiosk to place order for Credit Cards orders once submitted get to KDS for prep and the guest is promoted about Pick up Line #1 and for cash order they walk upto cashier counter to make the cash payment and then line up for order pick. With multiple ordering stations, the restaurants are able to generate more revenue.

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